Our fabolous ice cream carriers

My bicycle carts were transported by sea from Italy, their favorite thing in the world is standing with many exotic flavors of gelato/sorbet and putting a smile on gelato/sorbet-lover’s faces. My bicycle carts come with smiling employees of mine ready to serve gelato/sorbet for you and your friends. My bicycle carts are available for all events for 120 people or more. 

I have two sizes of bicycle carts. My bigger type of bicycle cart is often on the go and then I send my smaller ones to your event. My manager will let you know which one you will get before you choose your delicious flavors.

My bigger bicycle cart takes 6 flavors

My smaller bicycle carts take 4 flavors

To the smaller events (300 people or less) can you choose if we serve in cones or cups (you can also choose both) but in the bigger events we can only offer cups. With all my bicycle carts you get freshly baked waffle biscuits.

The smaller ice cream carrier

Takes up to 4 flavors


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The larger ice cream carrier

Takes up to 6 flavors


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5 litres
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Notice! You need to order before the weekend and before 12:00 o´clock friday.