Remember to put a date and time on your order.

5 litres Party for 45 Party for 65 Party bicycle cart

Notice! You need to order the Party bicycle cart with at least a day notice.

Are you throwing a party, 

a staff party or a dinner party?

Now possible to get a home delievery!


Check out the options on www.aha.is 

and get a delivery to your home or your workplace!

Opnunartími  -  Alla daga frá   11:30  - 23:00


Í vöfflu Í boxi
1 kúla 500 -kr. 500 -kr.
2 kúlur 700 -kr. 700 -kr.
3 kúlur 900 -kr. 900 -kr.
Softís – lítill 500 -kr. 500 -kr.
Softís – stór 700 -kr. 700 -kr.
Softís - fylling 150 -kr.
Heimabakað vöffluform 150 -kr.  
Aukakúla 250 -kr.
Sjeik 900 -kr.
Stakt vöffluform 150 -kr. 
Sósa 100 -kr.
Aukabox 25 -kr.

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